Coming Soon: Our Data Availability Map

GDD Data availability map

Soon, you will be able to navigate to the GDD website and browse dietary surveys from around the world using our new Data Availability Map. Bonus: you’ll even be able to download select survey data you would like to use for your own research purposes.

Over 1,100+ surveys—both publicly available and those collected by private researchers—are used to inform the GDD prediction model. Now, you’ll get to see which surveys they are! We’re currently plotting each survey on a world map, which you’ll be able to navigate and even use to access select original datasets for your own research.

Through our Data Availability Map, we aim to increase transparency and connect researchers with one another—some of our data owners have agreed to be available to answer questions about their surveys. We believe that open-access data is essential for developing equitable and effective strategies to overcome the problems faced by the global community. With an open exchange of information, we can better assess evidence, identify opportunities for collaboration, build trust, and learn from each other’s experiences.

We are looking forward to future collaborations and to elevating dietary data access around the world. Check back soon for the launch of the Data Availability Map!

If you have any questions about this phase of GDD, please contact us here.

*The featured image above is only meant for demo purposes and is not an accurate representation of the final data availability map.


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