Current Aims and Next Steps

Current Aims

GDD and related work has spanned over a decade, during which remarkable data have been collected and important insights have been gained. Our current work builds upon these strong foundations to develop and expand the impact of GDD. Current GDD work aims to fulfill three main target areas:

  1. Extending and expanding the Global Dietary Database to improve data quality, improve data harmonization, address gaps, incorporate new covariates and methods, and investigate and publish policy-relevant findings for evidence translation on global trends in food consumption and diet quality.
  2. Broadly disseminating the GDD via a new online platform, scientific meeting strategies, deeper research collaborations, and strategic partnerships.
  3. Performing new original analyses and reviews of maternal and child diet diversity and quality–based on existing metrics as well as building on our prior work considering food consumption patterns–in relation to key health outcomes.

Next Steps

To date, we have connected and interacted with over 600 investigators worldwide as part of our data searches and collection. We will further connect these investigators both with each other and with stakeholders around the world by creating a social media network, GDD project newsletter, and recorded webinars placed on our website to summarize progress, findings, and capabilities of GDD.

We will also be developing a new user-friendly online dissemination/community of practice platform. This platform will be accessible to multiple stakeholders, including scientists, funders, NGOs, and country-based decision-makers seeking dietary information at national and subnational levels. 

Finally, we will continue the development of strategic partnerships and the sharing of complementary expertise with organizations around the world. Such partnerships will enable parties to expand international networks, establish a framework for reciprocal work and research review, enable the co-hosting/co-dissemination of each other's datasets, and strengthen the expertise and potential methods for future collaborative research.

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