Microdata Surveys

Title Country Microdata Survey Year Range Diet Assessment Methodology Representativeness
Fruit and vegetable consumption and its recommended intake associated with sociodemographic factors: Thailand National Health Examination Survey III Thailand 2000-2004 FFQ National
Activity, dietary intake, and anthropometry of an informal social group of Thai elderly in Bangkok Thailand Multiple Recall Local
Tokelau STEPS Survey 2005 2005-2009 FFQ National
Etude Bus Santé Switzerland 2000-2004 FFQ Local
2005-2008 Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan Taiwan 2005-2009 Single Recall National
Calcium Status, Factors Affecting Calcium and Bone Status in Healthy Thais Living in Bangkok Thailand Single Recall Local
Dietary habits and nutrient intake in Sweden 1997-98 Sweden 1995-1999 Single Recall National
Dietary habits and nutrient intake among Swedish children Sweden 2000-2004 Single Recall National
Abdominal obesity and its association with selected risk factors of coronary heart disease in an adult population in the district of Colombo; MD Thesis (Community Medicine), Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2000-2004 FFQ Subnational
Sri Lanka Global School-Based Student Health Survey (GSHS)-2007 Sri Lanka 2005-2009 FFQ National
Dietary Habits and Nutrient Intake in Sweden, 1989 Sweden 1985-1989 Single Recall National
Dietary habits and nutrient intake in Sweden 1997-98 Sweden 1995-1999 Single Recall National
National Nutrition Survey 2004 Singapore 2000-2004 FFQ National
Monitoring of the nutritional status of particular groups of adult population Slovakia 2005-2009 Single Recall National
Nutritional status of Slovenian adolescens Slovenia 2000-2004 FFQ National
Changing patterns of hypertension, diabetes and diet among Melanesians and Micronesians in the Solomon Islands.-1985 Solomon Islands 2005-2009 FFQ Subnational
Food and nutrient availability in South African Households South Africa 1995-1999 FFQ National
The Catalan Nutrition Survey (ENCAT 2002-2003) and Serra Majem and Ribas, 2007 and Serra-Majem L et al., 2007 and Serra Majem et al., 2006 Spain 2000-2004 Multiple Recall National
National Nutrition Survey 1998 Singapore 1995-1999 FFQ National
Western Samoa 1990 24 hr recall diet estimates Samoa Single Recall National