Microdata Surveys

Title Country Microdata Survey Year Range Diet Assessment Methodology Representativeness
Activity, dietary intake, and anthropometry of an informal social group of Thai elderly in Bangkok Thailand Multiple Recall Local
Tokelau STEPS Survey 2005 2005-2009 FFQ National
Tonga STEPS Survey 2004 Fact Sheet Tonga 2000-2004 FFQ National
Etude Bus Santé Switzerland 2000-2004 FFQ Local
2005-2008 Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan Taiwan 2005-2009 Single Recall National
Calcium Status, Factors Affecting Calcium and Bone Status in Healthy Thais Living in Bangkok Thailand Single Recall Local
Dietary habits and nutrient intake in Sweden 1997-98 Sweden 1995-1999 Single Recall National
Dietary habits and nutrient intake among Swedish children Sweden 2000-2004 Single Recall National
Abdominal obesity and its association with selected risk factors of coronary heart disease in an adult population in the district of Colombo; MD Thesis (Community Medicine), Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 2000-2004 FFQ Subnational
Sri Lanka Global School-Based Student Health Survey (GSHS)-2007 Sri Lanka 2005-2009 FFQ National
Dietary Habits and Nutrient Intake in Sweden, 1989 Sweden 1985-1989 Single Recall National
Dietary habits and nutrient intake in Sweden 1997-98 Sweden 1995-1999 Single Recall National
National Nutrition Survey 2004 Singapore 2000-2004 FFQ National
Monitoring of the nutritional status of particular groups of adult population Slovakia 2005-2009 Single Recall National
Nutritional status of Slovenian adolescens Slovenia 2000-2004 FFQ National
Changing patterns of hypertension, diabetes and diet among Melanesians and Micronesians in the Solomon Islands.-1985 Solomon Islands 2005-2009 FFQ Subnational
Food and nutrient availability in South African Households South Africa 1995-1999 FFQ National
The Catalan Nutrition Survey (ENCAT 2002-2003) and Serra Majem and Ribas, 2007 and Serra-Majem L et al., 2007 and Serra Majem et al., 2006 Spain 2000-2004 Multiple Recall National
National Nutrition Survey 1998 Singapore 1995-1999 FFQ National
Western Samoa 1990 24 hr recall diet estimates Samoa Single Recall National