Microdata Surveys

Title Country Microdata Survey Year Range Diet Assessment Methodology Representativeness
National Health Survey of Primary School Children Trinidad and Tobago 2000-2004 FFQ National
EsKiMo Germany 2005-2009 FFQ National
Socioeconomic and dietary determinants of obesity in Lebanon Lebanon 2005-2009 FFQ National
Health Survey of Sao Paulo Brazil 2005-2009 Multiple Recall Subnational
Etude nationale nutrition santé (ENNS); National Nutrition and Health survey France 2005-2009 Multiple Recall National
Food insecurity, food choices, and body mass index in adults: nutrition transition in Trinidad and Tobago 2002 Trinidad and Tobago 2000-2004 FFQ Subnational
Flanders preschool dietary survey Belgium 2000-2004 Multiple Recall Subnational