Microdata Surveys

Title Country Microdata Survey Year Range Diet Assessment Methodology Representativeness
Yazd Health Study Iran 2010-2015 FFQ Subnational
Xela Babies Guatemala 2010-2015 Single Recall Local
Women First, 2014-2016 Pakistan Multiple Recall Local
Women First Preconception Maternal Nutrition RCT, India India Multiple Recall Local
Women First Preconception maternal nutrition RCT, 2014-2016 Democratic Republic of the Congo Multiple Recall Local
Women First Preconception Maternal Nutrition RCT, 2014-2016 Guatemala Multiple Recall Local
WOBASZ II Poland 2010-2015 Single Recall National
WOBASZ - National Multicenter Health Survey Poland 2000-2004 Single Recall National
WHO STEPwise approach to Surveillance of Non-Communicable Diseases (STEPS) Republic of the Marshall Islands Report DRAFT Version 2.5 May 2007 Marshall Islands 2000-2004 FFQ National
WHO STEPS Survey for Dominica 2007 Dominica 2005-2009 FFQ National
WHO STEPS Chronic Disease Risk Factor Surveillance Data Book for Papua New Guinea 2007-2008 Papua New Guinea 2005-2009 FFQ National
Western Samoa 1990 24 hr recall diet estimates Samoa Single Recall National
Vitamin D Study India Multiple Recall Local
Validation and reproducibility of a semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire for use in Puerto Riican Children Puerto Rico 2000-2004 Multiple Recall Local
Uruguay Global School-Based Student Health Survey (GSHS)-2006 Uruguay 2005-2009 FFQ National
Urban Schooled Children -IFRECNTEC Study Colombia 1995-1999 Single Recall Local
Urban School girls India 2005-2009 Multiple Recall Local
Urban School Children Survey India 2010-2015 FFQ Local
Urban children India 2005-2009 Single Recall Local
United Arab Emirate- Indoor Air, Health and Nutrition (UAE-IAHN) Survey United Arab Emirates 2005-2009 Single Recall National