The Future of GDD Data Requests

GDD Data Requests

With our new website and algorithms, requesting and using GDD data will be easier than ever.

The Current GDD Data Request Process

Currently, GDD data is available for request by researchers, NGOs, and other decision-makers in the global nutrition field via a 4-pronged process. By sharing these data and collaborating with others in the field, we can increase the project's impact on nutrition and health research and, ultimately, diet-related disease risk around the world.

Under current policy, data requests are carefully reviewed and often involve many rounds of communication and revisions between the GDD team and the requester after they've been received. While this process is essential to the transparency of data use, it is often quite lengthy and labor-intensive. It also renders GDD data unavailable to people who do not meet certain criteria or do not have the resources to complete the entire proposal process.

The Anticipated Changes

A key output of GDD is the transition to open source data access. This change will make both the project’s modeled dietary estimates and its input data (with permissions) available to all people, rather than just to those who meet elite criteria. It is, however, imperative that all GDD data are used appropriately. By implementing the system outlined below, we can automate the data request process while maintaining a standard of use and prioritizing high-impact requests.

By shifting our data sharing policy, we hope to spark collaborations with other key stakeholders in the global nutrition community. It is also our ambition that GDD data will raise the standard of future global nutrition research and initiatives. Easy and fair access to these data is crucial in this process.

Do you have any questions or comments about GDD data requests? Do you have any suggestions about how we can better serve those who want to use GDD data in the future? Contact us.