Our Data

The GDD 2015 Beta-Version

Draft estimates are currently available for a set of dietary factors in GDD 2015. These data and estimates are preliminary and will be refined, updated, and appended on a rolling basis through August 2020. This will include work to finalize our input data, covariate data, and statistical prediction model to ensure our estimates are as accurate as possible. For a comprehensive overview of our new estimates, go to this page.

We welcome expert opinions from all of our data users. If you have any questions or comments on the data or intake patterns upon download, we invite you to contact us here

Data are intended for research and analysis purposes only. All data are property of Tufts University.

Scope of Current Data Collection

This is a description of the data that we currently collect for analyses.


Data Download

Download GDD 2015 draft estimates.

Data Visualizations

Current data visualizations have been generated using GDD2010 modeling methods. New visualizations will be created to reflect current work and published by 2019. Please note that the visualizations on this site are in beta and are not meant as a platform for direct data download. If you would like to request GDD output data, please follow the protocol outlined on this page.