Data Sharing Agreement

General Information
  1. The Corresponding Members ("Members") and Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy ("Tufts") together form the Global Dietary Database Consortium ("Consortium").
  2. The Members have each independently generated a set of “Contributed Data”. Contributed Data include information on individual-level or population-level consumption of specific foods and nutrients and relevant stratifying variables such as age, gender, level of education, and level of urbanization. The Contributed Data are collected in countries around the world by the Members and shared with the Consortium.
  3. Each Member will share the Contributed Data with the Consortium in order for the Consortium to combine each of the Members’ Contributed Data to form “Group Data”. Group Data include all or part of the combined Contributed Data sets.
  4. Members will be co-authors on scientific articles relevant to the Contributed Data they have shared with the Consortium. The Consortium will not publish or release the raw data provided by any Member without permission of the relevant Member.
The Members agree as follows
  1. Members may receive materials or data related to Consortium’s work, such as results, tables, figures, data and manuscripts (“Materials”). Members must treat Materials and Group Data as Confidential Information and restrict access to those researchers who have signed this Agreement.
  2. “Confidential Information” includes all proprietary information, data, results, tables, figures, manuscripts and other materials of whatever description, in any form, which is by its nature confidential or which is designated by the Consortium as confidential to it, and all copies, notes and records and all related information generated using such information.
  3. Members must not disclose Confidential Information unless such disclosure is strictly required by a court, rule or governmental law or regulation. If a Member is required to disclose Confidential Information under law, it must use reasonable efforts to notify the Consortium.
  4. Members shall use reasonable efforts to keep Confidential Information in a secure environment and will take all reasonable steps to prevent inadvertent disclosure or theft of Confidential Information.
  5. The obligations herein survive termination of expiration of this Agreement and (in the case of Confidential Information) continue to apply until the earlier of 8 years from the end of the Term or the relevant information ceasing to be Confidential Information.